Hello, Alfred A. Knopf Books!

We couldn’t help but notice that you’re now following us on Tumblr. We think that’s really exciting. In fact, the last time we were this excited, Mallory from Family Ties (or is it Nellie from Arrested Development?) posted a tweet about Lendle when we were uncertain about our future.

We’ve said over and over and over that we would love to have a dialogue with anyone in a position to really get to the bottom of the business of how lending can promote authors and a culture of reading. We think that would be great for you, great for your authors, great for Amazon and, yes, great for us.

Most importantly, though, we think it would be great for your customers, many of whom are Lendlers. They really love reading, they love their Kindles and they’re buying books like crazy.

Formal, informal, we don’t care: Let’s talk.

We’ve got some great ideas.