New Features and three major giveaways

We’ve been teasing a new feature launch for a couple weeks now, and it’s finally time to pull back the curtain. This is by far the biggest series of changes that we’ve made since Lendle’s launch and we couldn’t be more excited.

Last week, we made some aesthetic improvements to your activity feeds. First and foremost, we think the new layout looks nicer, but many of the new features we’re introducing will reside, at least in part, on your user profiles, so a basic interface overhaul was necessary.

On to the features!

We’re introducing three new features that are available to everyone:

Thank you!

We’ve added the oft-requested ability to thank Lendlers once a loan has been fulfilled. (In fact, many of you have taken to Twitter to do this on your own.) Lendle was borne of the simple question: “What if there was a way for strangers to lend Kindle books to each other?” Now, we want to do what we can to chip away at the “stranger” aspect by connecting our community.

Simply click the “thank you” button in your activity feed when the lend shows up and the lender will see the appreciation on their profile. You’re welcome!


We’re also launching a series of achievements in an effort to encourage exploration and community building. Various achievements can be earned simply by being an active Lendler. As time goes on, we’ll be adding more and more to the roster. Some are tongue-in-cheek, others are simply fun, but they’re all there as a reminder that your participation matters. The more active you are, the more achievements you’ll earn.

Credit for failed attempt to lend

The most popular books in our catalogue are owned by hundreds of Lendlers. This means that hundreds of Lendlers often find that they can’t quite respond to lend requests fast enough. We realize this can be frustrating, but this “race to be first” also happens to be the primary reason people tend to see requests filled relatively quickly on Lendle.

So, we’re now rewarding some of your attempts, even if you don’t quite make it in time.

Lendle Patron Accounts

In addition to the above features that everyone will enjoy, we’re launching the ability to become a Lendle Patron. This will entail a one-time, $25 donation. We’ve lined up some really great new features that will be exclusive to Patrons, but we also think it’s a great way to support our future development plans.

Golden ticket achievements

Special one-time achievements tied to giveaways.

From time to time, we’ll come up with a unique achievement. The first Patron to meet the criteria will earn…something good. To celebrate the launch of Lendle Patrons, as well as all of the new features we’re rolling out, we’re starting out big by giving away one each of the following:

  • A $50 Amazon gift card
  • A Kindle
  • An iPad 2

Boring disclaimers: These are US-only giveaways. Achievements are not randomly awarded. Golden ticket achievements will be awarded to one person, as soon as the criteria for the achievement is met. It’s possible that giveaways may not take place if the criteria for golden ticket achievements are never met. 

No ads

As a Patron, you’ll never see advertisements on Lendle.

We don’t think it’s fair to hit you up twice.

Patron status avatar

You’ll stand out with a Patron status avatar.

Consider it your membership card.

More borrow requests

Patrons earn borrow requests at a faster rate. No extra effort required!

This is a passive bonus that you’ll earn just by being a Patron. Everything you did that earned borrow requests before — lending, for example — will now earn requests at a faster rate. It’s as simple as that.

Even better: Any requests you’ve earned up until the moment you become a Patron will retroactively be worth more as well.

Wishlist Book My Spot

Get in line today. Move with the queue. Request the book when you’re ready to read it.

We’ve seen a lot of requests for a wishlist and we know it’s a feature that has been implemented on other sites. We wanted to do it bigger, and better.

In its simplest form, a wishlist is a way to say: “I want to borrow that book eventually, but I’m not quite ready.” As features go, that’s pretty obvious, and easy enough to implement. 

But, how could it be better?

We started with that as the foundation: Reserve a book, and you’ll have a handy reminder that you want to borrow it at some point. To juice it up a bit, we also hold your place in line. If you reserve a copy of a book and there are 10 people waiting in front of you, you’ll continue to move up the queue as though you had actually put in a request. If you get to the number one spot before you’re ready to read the book, we’ll hold that number one spot for you until you decide you’re ready, no matter how long you wait. Everyone else will simply skip over you until you pull the trigger.

We like to think of it as the wishlist, evolved. We also like to think it’s what everyone else would have done if they’d have thought beyond the obvious.

Hold shelf

Pause incoming requests for your books. 14 days later, we’ll put them back in play.

Another popularly requested feature is a way to pause incoming requests for books you’re currently not interested in lending out. We think it’s a great idea, but we wanted to make sure books didn’t end up on hold, permanently. If you’re still not ready after 14 days, put it back on your Hold Shelf for another two weeks.

Patron-only achievements

You’ll have access to more achievements and — only as a Patron — earn borrow requests for every achievement you earn.

Early access

We’ll roll out many of our best features to Patrons first.

And more…

More features are coming—some for everyone, others for Patrons only.

Questions? Feel free to ask!

Beyond that, what are you waiting for?

Become a Patron!